Diary of the over weight Idiot – The Beginning

All through the life I have had people comment on my weight and size. I have had people telling me to lose weight, and once I did I have had them telling me to gain it. Down the lane I stopped caring until I got married and my better half refused to put on weight how much ever he ate.

Day by Day he looked younger and younger and me on the other hand , age started taking a toll on me. My face , my body started looking older and older. I somehow dragged myself through excuses, responsibilities. I always had some reason to not to spend that extra time on me.

Last month I turned 30. I went mad. I hadn’t done half the things on my checklist before 30. And I felt old. I felt like an old momma and I realised I have to do something about it.

I started walking in the morning. But then my husband used to travel and couldn’t leave my lil one at home alone. One day I did that thinking she won’t wake up so early, I came back to see her crying. So mistake no 1. Don’t leave your kids specially when they are younger than 4years. I was an amateur at that and an idiot. So now go for my walks after she leaves for school at 7:30am. But yes then again I found more reasons than ever, wasn’t regular in the walks. Atlast I decided I have to take control. I need to get out of this lethargic state. In turn brings me here…

Author: girlfromfarawayland

Dreamer. Fighter. Lazy Ass. Strong Believer.

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