Diary of the overweight idiot – First Step

For me it was never having an hour glass figure. For me it was about surviving the day without feeling dead. I have reached past the state were my belly fat took away my sleep. I have alas accepted me for me. And that my friend is the first step.

I never kept a regular routine. I ran when I could. I walked when I could. All I tried focussing was not to sit idle. If it was house chores, then I never pushed myself to anything else. So you could see, weight loss wasn’t my target.

I quit sugar though, I have kinda learnt to live without sugar in my tea, which for me is like over coming one of the biggest obstacles. I believe I have many more to overcome:

1. Being Punctual. I think I need to make this a practice, a way of life. I need to make it a point to do regular exercise , yes not to lose weight, but to gain endurance.

2. Kill my addiction to mobile phone. I feel it’s a highly useless device , making you feel you can get everything just on your fingertips. Sadly, it cant run for you or cook or do your other daily activities

3. Eat healthy. I have my usual cheat on the food. Had from KFC yest. But on the overall I am not a foodie anymore. There was a time , the smell of biryani made me hungry irrespective of my stomach being full. I loved eating. But this the point in your life where you feel. Eat to live and not live to eat.

Hopefully when I come back to write next time. I’ll have overcome or found a way to overcome these obstacles.

Author: girlfromfarawayland

Dreamer. Fighter. Lazy Ass. Strong Believer.

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