Motherhood -Lesson Learnt

So when I crib about the difficulty of motherhood, my mom always asked me why I decided to be a mother in the first place. And the reply I always had, was , ‘Noone told me how tough it is’. But the truth is no one ever will. There is no predefined list of things which every mother will go through, it’s different with everyone. You learn one new thing everyday everytime. And what my little one has taught me is patience. I always lost it, and took my wrath out on her. I knew I was being a bad mother, I knew I couldn’t handle it. This responsibility was beyond my reach. All I wanted to do was simply laze around and sleep. Nope that is the last thing you can ever think of being in this role . It’s going to be four years and additional 9 months in the Tummy of being a mother. And I learnt a hell lot in these years than in my rest 26 years. 

All I know is sometimes it’s heaven, sometimes it’s hell, but in the end no matter how tired I am, when I have my lil one in my arms, I am the richest wealthiest woman.

Author: girlfromfarawayland

Dreamer. Fighter. Lazy Ass. Strong Believer.

One thought on “Motherhood -Lesson Learnt”

  1. Very true. Also I feel when we deal with the little one Lord changes or moulds us in a very beautiful fashion. We somehow tend to value our own mothers in a whole new level, that how selflessly they stood by us all these years. Keep writing Sri.

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