My well rested ass and size 28 waist

These days my house has been seeing too much of me compared to how it hardly did earlier, so decided my ass was well rested, and it was high time I got it off the bed and sofa.

After I dropped my kid off at her reading class , I tell myself I can utilise the waiting time for a short walk, which I will inturn turn it into my stepping stone to long runs later on. They say you have to start from the bottom to reach heights , so here I was , all pumped up and ready to walk. The only thing that bothered me was i had laid many stepping stones earlier and just kept going back to square one. Anyway for now I was super excited and started my walk at a little more than a snails pace. When I say I started at this pace don’t get the wrong idea that I was going to increase the pace gradually, I didn’t. I just walked, enjoying every second, congratulating myself for taking this stepping stone for the millionth time. During the walk I tell myself, this is just the beginning, my next step is partial run and walk, then complete running, so on . I had huge plans in my head. I even worried about what I would do about my current wardrobe the moment my waist size turned 28. I had plans of giving it away, then I thought of the recent shopping I did, oh god, I panicked thinking I have to reinvest in my clothes, when a lady on a scooter suddenly interrupts my future plans and dreams ‘Mole, kaloor pokan ethu vazhi ponam!’ I thought , Sigh so much for size 28! ‘ Chechi , nere poyal Mathi!’ and I returned to my snail pace walk.

Author: girlfromfarawayland

Dreamer. Fighter. Lazy Ass. Strong Believer.

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